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Current Earthquake - Real Time PGA & PGR distribution

G. Sakkas, V. Kouskouna, G. Kaviris, N. Sakellariou and I. Misailidis
(Contact info: V. Kouskouna. Coding: G. Sakkas)
Date & Time (UTC):30-Oct-2020_11-51-28-GMT
Location:25.9 km WNW of Samos
Latitude (°N):37.9202
Longitude (°E):26.8032
Depth (in Km):13
Focal Mechanism (Estimated):Normal
Event ID: nkua2020vimx
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Layers Data Type: Recorded data and model
Stations are presented with their names. PGA (modeled and recorded) is presented in g units. PGR (only modeled) in mrad/s2.
Earthquake parameters are automatically calculated from NKUA Real-time Seismicity and have not been reviewed by a seismologist. For more info, please read carefully the documentation at home page.
Report generated at 2021-07-24 17:03:18 (local time)

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